The 100 Postcards Project

100 Postcards. 100 Designs. Celebrating the lost art of mail.

Postcards portfolio image

Tara Andrews

Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Tara, a Graphic Designer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada that still sends letters to friends and family via snail mail with pen, paper, and stamps.

I fell in love with writing and all things creative when I was young. I love putting words or doodles on a blank page. Today we are more likely to text, tweet or Facebook someone, but I still love writing letters, folding the paper and tucking it into envelopes. There is nothing like reading someone’s own handwriting.

I wanted to start a creative project during my first year of design school. I was looking for something stress-free, creative, has an illustration component, could be easily shared with others and above all was fun. I wanted to use my newly learned design skills and also build some technical skills with the Adobe products. I thought about how I could combine my new love of design with my love of mail and the one hundred postcards project was born.

The goal is to design 100 postcards with 100 different designs while at the same time celebrating the lost art of mail. The results are posted in postcards and information about my creative process and a little bit about what inspired each design is shared in the blog.

I hope you enjoy following my progress.

Tara Andrews