07 Sep Monsieur Le French Postcard #36

His name in Monsieur Le French, he’s painfully handsome, incredibly intelligent and can cook a five course meal with organic ingredients that tastes other worldly. To say he is a coveting eligible bachelor is an understatement.

He loves reading at independent coffee houses sipping on fair trade beans and thrives in his urban environment.¬†This guy is the most down to earth French bulldog you’ll ever meet!

I don’t often pick favourites with my designs, but this guy sorta stole my heart. I had a lot of fun creating¬†this illustration. If you missed some of my other designs in the same style, check out Elektra, Leo and Dylan. I like the progression these are allowing me to make in my craft and have several ideas for more to create a series of art prints in this hipster illustration style.

This is the first, very rough sketch, the only reason I am showing it is to display how the work doesn’t come out perfect the first time, you have to refine it. I do this with a light board and trace the image again on marker paper or tracing paper.

IMG_20150827_204820Here is the final sketch used to scan into Photoshop for colouring. I also think I may do a colouring book with all my line drawings so watch for that in the future (hopefully in time for stocking stuffers).

IMG_20150828_203621And the here is the final design coloured using watercolour brushes in Photoshop. I have always loved watercolours and am glad that I finally found some digital brushes that look so realistic.




And here is Monsieur Le French mocked up sitting in a square frame on your desk. Such a sophisticated fella!




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