About This Project

Milo is one of the illustrations I made for the Pre-Shrunk 2016 Art Show at Argyle Fine Art Gallery. You can learn more about these pieces in my blog article.

Milo, a pure-bred Pug, will always be voted as the class clown. However, behind his comical wrinkled face and playful personality lies a deep and down to earth pup.

He will gaze into your soul with his big brown eyes and always cheer you up when you are feeling down.

If you are a light sleeper, you may not get along well with Milo, he is known to snore… a LOT!

Milo enjoys long walks and especially loves the fall when he can chase leaves and run after sticks.

He finds classical music soothing and his favourite TV show is Seinfeld. He feels he can really relate to all of George’s misfortunes.

He is a hopeless romantic and occasionally orders a dozen roses for his sweetheart for no reason at all.