02 Jan Fluffy Clouds and Marshmallows Postcard #25

Happy New Year! It was a tumultuous year for me but I feel that 2015 will get me back on track and publishing these postcards more regularly. Now that I have a regular and consistent routine it will be much easier to plan and execute my designs. I have really missed creating them so that will also be motivation. I wanted to start back with something fun and simple.

I have a friend that uses the expression fluffy clouds and marshmallows. To her this means a utopian world where everything is perfect and runs exactly the way it should where everyone follows the rules and nothing happens to upset the equilibrium during the course of a day. It is a happy place where nothing goes wrong, no one gets angry, and everyone is always content with everything and always happy. Some people have a happy place, others a zen zone, but for her it is fluffy clouds and marshmallows.

I took on the challenge to illustrate what a fluffy clouds and marshmallow world would look like. I imagined happy marshmallows jumping up and down on clouds like kids jumping on beds. I imagined jumping from cloud to cloud and never getting hurt and bouncing high in the sky from the fluffy clouds.

I really had fun sketching multiple marshmallow people. Different poses and expressions. And different actions. Here are a few of the sketches I came up with.


I then did some overall layout sketches and got a feel for how I wanted the design to look and then refined it with Photoshop.


The final step was refining it in Illustrator when I did the vector illustration and I wanted to add in some texture and additional smaller clouds for dimension.




I hope you like how it turned out.

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