20 Feb Fox Linocut Postcard #15

This postcard started as a class project for my second year of Graphic Design. But I loved how it turned out so I wanted to make it into a postcard. The original image was done by creating a linocut.

If you are not familiar with the process here is a video of someone creating one. Ours weren’t done as professionally but the process is essentially the same. We created a stamp and then used ink to put on the image and create an image on pieces of paper. Using ink creates really interesting textures in the lines.

My original image was a fox jumping on a heart that I drew by hand. Then I transferred the image onto my linocut material and then used the cutting tools to carve out the design.


Once I got my fox finished I felt it needed a little something else so I drew a tree next to it. Then when I inked it and got the impression I scanned it and added a gradient background.


This is a really meditative and relaxing art form. I really got into the carving process and will definitely be trying other smaller projects to create similar art.


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