17 Feb Hipster Cat Elektra Postcard #14

As promised, here is my second cat illustration postcard design. This illustration is based off my pet cat named Elektra. If you missed my last post, you can view my first cat illustration postcard here.

This one was done slightly different than my last design. I didn’t set all my layers to multiply this time because I wanted the white in the cat to pop and stand out above the other layers. As a result, this one looks more like a mixed media painting than all watercolour.


Elektra has quite a lot of personality so I thought it was appropriate to give her some green cat’s eye style glasses and this pose is something she does all the time when you have gotten her attention and she is trying to figure you out.



These were such fun postcards to design and work on. I will definitely try to do more designs in this style. I learned a lot more about Photoshop brushes and using my Wacom tablet. I will follow up with a tutorial post about how I completed my process. I can’t list absolutely every brush stroke I did but I will take you through how I sketched the initial design, scanned it and then created the digital files.


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