20 Apr Printmaking Inspired Postcard #29

I am pumped, and here is why…

Motivation For All

My last few posts, I haven’t felt very inspired. It was a loooooong, snowy, cold and miserable winter. I have been struggling with this postcard project trying to think of the perfect postcards to share with you each post. I have had many false starts and posted regularly and then life got in the way so I stopped creating and sharing my work. However, I have learned that perfection is unattainable and if I wait for the perfect post, I won’t post anything. And everyone loses.

studio9Now that the sun is pouring into the studio window, the snow is melting, there is more colour in the world and spring is finally here, I am feeling totally inspired and motivated. I started this postcard project primarily to try new design techniques, produce some illustration work and broaden my skill set. I also wanted to inspire and motivate other creatives through my project regardless of their chosen profession or medium.

So here is your challenge: I want you to think of a similar project you can complete to help inspire and motivate your own creativity whether it be writing a poem every day, snapping a photo, doodling a picture once a week or painting something every month.

We all get better by doing, creating, playing and experimenting. I love design, craft and art because of that fact. Hard work pays off and the results are always evident. So for this post, instead of just checking out my postcard design and going about your day, I want you to think about one thing that you can do that will help you improve and commit to doing it on a regular basis. You don’t have to even share it with anybody, you can just do it in a sketchbook and then look back on your own progress over time.

Just go out there and do it now. There are beautiful ideas inside you waiting to become creations!

About The Postcard Design

OK, now that I am done my motivational rant, here is this week’s postcard design. Inspired by the brayer design that printmakers make when they are printing, I pulled out my acrylic paints and started painting away using dry brush techniques. I added in a touch of gold for some wow factor. Some turned into a mess but that is why we experiment and explore. Some are gems that will be hard for me to part with.

I used envelopes so that I can hand write addresses on them and send them to friends and family. Here are a few in their native form.







There are several that I will turn into designs or hand drawn lettering works. The purple and gold one really stood out for me so I decided to add some fun typographic text and use a complimentary phrase. I wish I could claim I hand drew the text but this typeface is a gem I got from Design Cuts.  It is called Bonjour designed by Nicky Laatz, you can get a copy of your own here.




I hope you like it, happy creating!

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