09 Feb Friendly Sentiments Postcard #2

This week I have designed a set of five postcards. However, it is really one design with different text so I am still counting it as one postcard design.

I’ve wanted to design something like this for a while now and had this idea in the back of my mind. I’m glad I was able to create something that worked well for this idea.

It’s a very simple and subtle design. I really like the white knocked out text over the textured background. It gives the cards some extra oomph. I am also hoping that spring comes a little faster so I chose some bright pastel-like colours. And here they are…


These were pretty straightforward to make. I used a rounded rectangle with a texture for the background. Hand wrote the text over and over until I saw one just right for each card and then scanned them.

The back of the postcards feature an official postcard number and date. Here is a closer look at each individual card.








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