11 Feb Grumpy Cat Hates Mail Postcard #3

This postcard is dedicated to the most loveable cat on the Internet right now, Grumpy cat. The cat became an Internet sensation when the owner’s brother took a photo and submitted it to reddit. A YouTube video was also uploaded and the rest is history.

The cat named Tardar Sauce sports the most adorable frown. She always looks perturbed and grumpy even when she is as happy as can be. The web is crawling with Memes featuring this cutie and I just had to create a postcard design with this kitty.

To come up with a design concept, I just had to think about how she would react to mail – especially snail mail delivered the old fashioned way. Obviously, she would hate it and would want to burn it. So here it is.

I wanted to give the card a retro look with flat planes of colour and a few vintage features. I also wanted it to have a vector look and feel. The finished postcard is a 5 x 7 print created in Adobe Illustrator.



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