10 Feb Hipster Cat Leo Postcard #13

I am now in my second year of Graphic Design and moved over the holidays. Having a new home has allowed me to adopt two new roommates from the local Bide Awhile shelter. Elektra, a black and white female domestic short hair, and Leo an orange domestic long hair. They are my subjects for the next two postcard designs.

Electra_Brown_Eyes2-300x225 leo-300x225

Leo is dignified, smart, and handsome. I love all the hipster style illustrations popping up everywhere so I decided to try to make my own version. Here is my resulting artwork. Leo the hipster cat.


The drawing is done by hand and then painting with Photoshop. I chose a watercolour style Photoshop brush and by trying different attempts came up with this design. It wasn’t as easy as I thought but adjusting the brush settings and sizes allowed me to make what I had envisioned.


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