29 Apr It Can’t Rain All the Time Postcard #9

I love silhouettes of people carrying umbrellas. I have no idea why I find them so appealing but I do. So this postcard design is inspired by an umbrella silhouette. It’s also inspired by all the rain we have gotten recently in Nova Scotia. Spring is always a fickle time and we often get lots of soggy days which makes the sunny warm ones so much more enjoyable.

I created this design with layers of texture and a silhouette cutout. I was able to bring out my watercolour paints to create the paint splats background by first painting wet on wet to create subtle hues of colour. Then when the painting was dry building paint splats on top of all kinds of different colours.

I like to think positive thoughts and make artwork or designs with bright colours when it is grey and raining outside. It keeps my spirits up. I also sometimes just shut the curtains so you don’t have to look at the raindrops falling outside.



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